Cameron Kleiman

In progress, as usual.

I'm a sophomore on a gap year at Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge, Massachusetts. I run for MIT Cross Country and Track and manage the Burton-Conner residence website. In summer and fall 2020, I'm working remotely for Dell Technologies in the Infrastructure Solutions Group.

While at MIT, I worked for the Senseable City Lab. In summer 2020, I taught a class for MIT ESP's HSSP called Introduction to Julia. In Fall 2020, I helped put together the SCUFFY 2020 Notion website, along with MIT Dormcon and TechX.

I graduated the Liberal Arts and Science Academy in Austin, Texas in the Class of 2019.

At LASA, I was a senior officer of LASA Ambassadors, captain of LBJ Cross Country, a runner on LBJ Track, and an Assistant Technical Director for the Alley Cat Players. I have also worked for Macromoltek and Cetec ERP in my spare time.